Sunday, December 6, 2009

Into Real Life We go!

So, my job..yeah. I wont lie. I used to like it, it was a simple job. Get up at 3am, go to a Target Store and clean the store until 8am. Take a half hour break, clean/sweep the carpets and be done. I was usually the one who did all the bathrooms, break room, mirrors, fountains, and the food court. It was an easy simple job and I loved it.

When I first got this job, there was a man there who used to be the boss, but got demoted cause he wasn't doing his job. This was one of those guys who was bitter. He'd go around talking crap about me being bad and anything else to the Target Employees who would do stock, even though he never got to know me. Because of this, the Target Store Employees wanted to know what I was really like. So they would start talking to me, getting to know me, and soon, I would just start joking with alot of them.

Well, speeding up the story, the man got fired for being stupid. But, his Girlfriend also had the same job, just at a different store. She has a fiery attitude and does a childish eyeroll that you would see a 12 year old do when their parents tell them they are wrong. Shes a heavy spanish speaking girl and loves to talk spanish right infront of me about how I get on her nerves and apparently have an attitude towards her and I'm trying to get her fired.

The story behind this is I'm tired of cleaning up after her. My real boss, the guy who took over and made the other guy bitter is an awesome guy. He isn't afraid to give people chances but dear lord, if he could say "Get the fuck out of my store" he would. He hated this woman as soon as she walked in the door. She never listened to anything he would say. She would take an entire 4 hours to do what I do normally in 2 1/2. Its like..seriously?

She has an attitude with everyone, even the target employees who don't like it. She half asses her jobs and then I'm told to come behind her and clean. I already told them the other day I'm not her damn mother and I'm tired of it. Oh, I haven't mentioned why shes at my store now...Apparently the team leader at her store sexually harassed her. Which we all believe to be a fake. The guy Jose is an awesome guy. Hes a sweetheart and I have never heard him say anything perverted or nasty when I worked with him. This woman however is spiteful and we believe it was an attempt to get rid of Jose and get her Boyfriend over to that store so they could work together. However it backfired.

Anyway, yeah..tired of cleaning up after this girl. But the company won't fire her because they are afraid she'd make a lawsuit saying they the company just didn't want to deal with the harassment file. Because of this, I'm stuck with a woman who acts like shes 12. Its very stressful and I won't lie. I want to beat her down with one of my brooms. Especially when she will sit there and speak in spanish about me. She thinks I don't know spanish. I know enough to know a few words and that shes talking about me. Also, my boss has translated stuff for me too. She doesn't know he knows some spanish as well.

Needless to say, I'm beginning to hate my job. Luckily, I made friends with the people at Target and a position opened up. I've been working with them for the past 2 days about getting the job since its Stock and I have training as a 92A (Automated Logistics Specialist) so they said I would fit right in and I'm making the right choice. They've seen how she treats me and they hate it. They also hate how she cleans. But yeah..

I'd be going from making $8.50 an hour to $11+ an hour. I would be working the same time schedule I do now. Just 1 hour later. They also said they would cross train me so I could get more hours in other departments if I wanted to. I was like "awesome!"

So, I'm definitely going for the job. My question is..Should I be nice and give my current job a two weeks notice as soon as I sign the paperwork? Just tell them to screw themselves and leave? (Oh yeah, the company I work for is a rip off. I've been technically fired before but rehired because I clocked in 1 minute to early from lunch and they spazzed, but you got this woman here causing problems but they wont get rid of her. My boss has been fired like 4 times and rehired for punch corrections as well. But it seems weird cause its a company owned by Mexicans, and anyone spanish doesn't get fired but they are quick to fire anyone else.)

Or should I give them like 2 days and then leave? Oh yes, my boss said hes gonna miss me. I was his sanity for dealing with the other guy and now he has to deal with this woman. I feel bad for him. I hope he can survive until April, when he is set to leave.


Xirella said...

Sounds pretty typical to me. I think whoever invented the idea of employment (working excess hours for a paltry sum) did it just to piss me off.

Personally, I've never had qualms about leaving a bad taste in a former employer's mouth. Especially if you've already got another job lined up. According to everything I've heard, they're not legally able to disclose the particular details of your "release."

So go get paid more. Tell your old job they can suck it.

stephentownsley said...

burning bridges is never a good idea