Thursday, August 6, 2009

Typhoon, its more than an annoying wave!

I have a video I made out of sheer fun which apparently is starting to get alot of hits that youtube can't keep up with it. I continue to get a little icon saying it can't keep track and I'm still getting them. I don't know if its posted on another site or just posted around by I figured I would post it here since so many people are enjoying it!


So, The day before patch (monday), I saw UC was under attack. Went to go investigate and only saw 5 alliance trying to down the dark lady. Easy fix right? Definitely! Well, by the time I got bored (within 5 minutes of waiting around) I saw in trade that Alliance had just attacked and killed the boss in Silvermoon City. Well..First thing that comes to my mind is. "Good, Stupid Blood Elves"

Then I realize..they will probably be coming to Org or TB since I knew they had gotten UC earlier in the day. Well..Org can protect itself..but my cow brothers and sisters are always left to defend themselves so I picked up arms to protect them!

I called on a guildmate of mine (zleepnir) who is usually a resto druid with an offspec balance. We went and sat at the lifts in stealth, as a just-in-case, chatting about random stuff and how funny it would be if one of us was able to typhoon all the alliance off the lift at once.

Of course, we waited there for an hour and then they came. Zleepnir was all tabbed out, afking, or doing something..I dunno, cause in the video, you can see him with bad timing as well as aim :P

Either way, twas epic! And the alliance had a good laugh too! I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even protect myself. I just wish I fraps'd more since we threw more than just those clips of alliance over the edge to their deaths. Needless to say, Cairne lived and I am here /flexin!

Enjoy the movie :D

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