Monday, March 2, 2009

Moonkin Raiding Basics 101

I decided to make this video after seeing a post on the druid forums of a fellow druid trying to do the same...Ginseng, from the Llane server!

Either way..this is part one of a series I will be doing.

This part covers stats and talent specs. The second if all goes right will be glyphs and rotations.


Anonymous said...


The guy who did the original druid forum post was named Ginseng, from the Llane server.

His video was pretty good IMO, covered the Eclipse rotation pretty well and had interesting graphics, but there was at least one thing he'd said that was contrary to the best theorycrafting info, and his gear and spec were truly bad enough to make anyone question if he knew what he was talking about.

He did respec after a bunch of us critiqued his talent build, but he also pulled his video off Youtube so we couldn't comment on the merits of what he had to say.

Your video is good - sound is a bit on the quiet side... looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next one!

~ Kiliani, Skullcrusher-US

Akki said...

Thanks for the video. Helps me get started since I play Resto Druid and I am looking for any tips on Moonkin PVE.

Anonymous said...

Hi there - my only suggestions are as a video editor - consider using white text instead of black, or perhaps giving that text a contrasting "shadow" or outline.

I think it was a useful video for being geared, but I'd like to see more about spell rotation in there!

Thanks for giving it a go, by the way.

mars said...

AMG FOOF! Erm... Grand! Erm... Grande!

The artist formerly known as Kierkus here, saw ya linked on wowhead, and I obviously haven't stalked my old Novus friends close enough!

Send Az a big hello from Gnomeregan, ya big lazer turkey. <3

mars said...

erm wowinsider rather. :(

kid.robert said...

Wow very nice information, certainly helped, and nice video too ^^. Will surely look back at this once dual specs come out for my Resto Druid

Brian said...

Thank u for posting this nice starter guide.

I have reached level 80 about 2 weeks ago and had problems increasing dps as a moonkin this guide helpt out alot.

Ginseng said...


After seeing this I'm going to re-do my video based on some of the "feedback" I had quickly got - I'm just gonna focus on the spell rotation. I'll link to your stuff!

Definitely make parts II III etc!

Ginseng said...

I finished it!

I put ya in the credits =)

dude467 said...

Nice guide. Just wanted to mention a couple of things you touched on based on my experience with the Moonkin in mainly 25-mans. Basically, what I found is that as my gear improved, the need for mana regen talents decreased. I started out with 3/3 Intensity, 3/3 Moonglow, and I might have had some points in Dreamstate also. I was finishing fights with 70%-80% mana, even when I was less geared (no more oomkin!). What I eventually got to was 1/3 Moonglow (needed to get to the next tier) and 1/3 Intensity. I used the points that were freed up to pick up Typhoon and Gale Winds. This helps out greatly with trash, since Gale Winds boosts Hurricane and Typhoon. Just be sure to get the Typhoon glyph, which removes Typhoon's knockback (your tanks will thank you) and reduces mana cost. Personally, I find Typhoon to be of more use than Treants, since I have a tendency to forget to use them during boss fights, and on trash I never know where they're going to wander off to.
Hope some of this was useful!
Bovais, Tauren Moonkin, Feathermoon Realm US

pasqoo said...

Unfortunately i can't understand english :( (hearing it). Can't you make your next videos with english subtitles? Reading is more simple for me (and probably for much others)
Thanks, Bye

Jake said...

You sound so Cute!