Friday, April 20, 2012


With another xpac, another time has come where I have sat down and evaluated shelving my druid or not. Sadly, Druid has lost complete appeal to me. I've been it so long, that I feel I have done nothing else in the game.

Sure, you are going to say "Wasn't you going to go DK for Cata? What happened with that?" I was all for going Death Knight, then they changed the runic system and I hated it with a passion.

"What about monk? What if they change that? Giving up on that too?" - With DK, I only wanted to tank. I didn't want to do dps. However, with Monk, I will be going Mistweaver (healer) and I can never look back on a healer. I love the playstyle and have been keeping up on my Monk in Beta (I leveled a female monk from 1-87 *current level cap* )

"Whats going to happen to the blog?" Its going away. Simple as that. I may end up with a monk blog or I may just shut it down. I haven't decided but I will probably end up looking in to Monk Theorycrafting.

"What about Swift Rejuvenation?" I am going to let the people who actually post to decide on that. Since I did create it towards the end of this Xpac, it hasn't been very active. If they want to keep it active, I will be happy to handle that and keep stuff going. However, if they decide it would be best used as a Monk Discussion forum, then I may revert it. If not enough interest is in either, I'll probably just shut it down and keep my eye on TMR and make sure that site stays up and running.

So with that...

With Love


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